Equine Acupuncture: the natural “drug” – part 2

by horselover2


As stated before, acupuncture can be used on horse’s suffering from conditions such as anxiety. When acupuncture is used in this context, by placing needles in the appropriate areas of the horse’s body, endorphins are released.  This causes the horse to relax.  On the other hand, when a horse is in pain, acupuncture instructs the horse’s body to release specific pain killing hormones, (enkephalin and metenkephlin ) also known as endorphins, into the central nervous system.  The release of these hormones reduces not only pain, but also inflammation.

As a natural alternative to chemically induced pain and mood management, acupuncture also insures that the horse’s system will not have to process drugs commonly used for these ailments.  In turn, not only will the horse feel better, his/her kidney, liver, heart, and other primary organs will be protected.  Consequently, if a time comes when modern chemical treatments MUST be used, the horse’s system will not only be able to better process the medicine, but will also need less of the prescribed medication to “get the job done” than he/she would if his/her system had grown a tolerance to the drug due to over use. 

Just as with any type of medical treatment, a veterinarian should be consulted before acupuncture is used.  In addition, when choosing a practitioner, make sure that he/she has references and is certified. 

With modern medicine and the option of a holistic alternative, sometimes making the best choice is difficult.  Nonetheless, by doing research and weighing all of the options, it is possible to make the decision that will be most beneficial to the horse. Acupuncture is an alternative option to the use of chemical treatments.  It can be greatly beneficial and in many cases, will allow the horse to heal and flourish without the use of drugs.