How to safely handle a sick horse

by horselover2


When entering the horse’s stall or paddock:

Wear tall rubber boots and close-weave fabric overalls with long sleeves. Tie your hair with a rubber band, or hair net and tuck your hair under a hat. Use disposable latex or rubber examination gloves whenever working with or around a sick horse. Leave these garments at the stall door or paddock gate, where they can be put on before entering and taken off when you leave.



 When leaving the horse’s stall or paddock:

Discard the used disposable gloves in a closed receptacle outside the enclosure. Disinfect your boots with a plastic scrub brush and Lysol Disinfectant Concentrate, usually 2 1/2 tablespoons per gallon of water,  in a large dish pan or bucket. Leave the boots outside the enclosure to dry and slip on another pair of boots or shoes. Make sure to cover or discard the Lysol solution. It’s toxic if swallowed by humans or animals.

When tending to more than one horse, take care of the sick one last. If there are several sick horses, make sure to change your gloves and clean your boots before going from one horse to another.