Mustangs and inmates help each other heal

by horselover2

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There are many rehabilitation programs out there for prison inmates, but few seem to have lasting results. Prison and animal rehabilitation programs however, have teamed up and have some amazing success stories.

National media has picked up stories on dogs working with men in prisons and shelters that get basic care and training before they’re adopted to their forever homes. Horses from rescue shelters have also been cared for and nurtured by men who may not have formed a bond with an animal before.

In a cooperative venture between the Bureau of Land Management,  the Nevada Department of Agriculture and the Northern Nevada Correctional Center, rehabilitation programs have been taken one step further. Together, the three groups have developed the Saddle Horse Training Program at the Correctional Center where wild mustangs are matched with minimum-custody inmates in a 120 day training program.

So far the training program has trained about 560 horses that have later been adopted and 250 inmates have gone through the program.  Inmates learn to work with animals, interact with others and often develop a new work ethic. And the mustangs hopefully find a good home.

All  funds  raised at the auctions go back into the Saddle Horse program, which is self-supporting.