How to find a Barn builder

by horselover2


Eventually all the snow will disappear and spring will arrive.   Maybe its time to renovate part of the existing barn or add a new barn to your farm.

Building a barn is similar to building your home; there are thousands of decisions to make, it’s a stressful situation but when its finished its very satisfying.   A good barn builder will help get the best quality for your money, keep your project on track, and coordinate vendors for the functional parts of your barn.

Tips to consider when selecting a barn builder:

1.  Ask around

Talk to other people who have built their own horse barns. usually they’ll tell you what they liked or disliked about their builder and their barn. And what they would have done differently or what they would change.

2.  Ask prospective builders to take you to  a barn they built five  to seven years ago

A new barn almost always looks great.  But an older, well-used barn will provide a good indication of the quality and longevity of this builder’s work.

3.  Check each builder’s insurance and financial history

Run a credit check on a builder, check with a local trade organization or the Better Business Bureau. This is a vital step in the builder selection process. Proper insurance is also important to help keep you from being liable for any construction accidents or mishaps.

4.  Understand the estimate

Looking only at the bottom line won’t give you an accurate understanding of the barn you’re having built.  Builders that  use lower quality materials and cut corners will cost more in the long run.  Make sure to compare exactly the same product, just like a quote for horse stalls, and understand the gauge of steel used, lumber quality and the manufacturing or construction process.