Chiropractics for your horse

by horselover2


Chiropractic work is a holistic modality used to treat pain associated with the vertebrae in the horses’ spine.  Pain in the horse’s back is called a subluxation and is also known as a “twist” or an “out of alignment” of the vertebrae which can be caused by a vigorous workout, trailering, a fall, or even a misstep.

When part of the horse’s spine becomes dislocated, the muscles between the vertebrae go into spasm, moving the vertebrae and causing an impingement of the nerves that flow out from the spine.  This also affects the horse’s internal organs since the lack of alignment limits nerve impulses and circulation. 

Subluxations, or dislocations, may also cause changes in muscle coordination and flexibility that affect the performance of the horse.

After checking the horse for areas of pain in the body, the animal chiropractor will perform an adjustment on the area of the spine affected to return the joints to normal motion, and to alleviate any muscle spasms and pain.  A chiropractic adjustment is a very specific, quick, force, controlled thrust by a hand, which is directed in a specific direction on a specific joint to move the vertebrae and therefore, relax the muscle around it that had gone into spasm. 

Chiropractics should always be done by hand, never with a mallet, since this can cause additional injury to the horse. 

If the horse doesn’t relax and move better after the adjustment, contact your veterinarian. Chiropractic isn’t a substitute for veterinary care and should be done in conjunction with your veterinarian.