A beginner’s guide to buying swine panels

by horselover2

Swine panels have several uses, including private farm use, commercial use, fairground use, and even pig and swine show use. Swine panels create areas of confinement that can house swine safely and comfortably. If you are considering purchasing some swine panels, then there are a few things you will need to keep in mind.

Weight and Durability
Swine panels
 are typically made of a tough galvanized steel structure and can be built in different gauges. You will first need to consider the average size weight of your swine because you will want to choose panels that will be strong enough to withhold against that weight. Swine are smart animals that like to romp and play just like any other animal, often times ramming into the sides of the pen as they chase their swine counterparts. If your pigs average out at around 60 pounds each, then you certainly don’t want to buy swine fencing that will only tolerate 30 pounds.

Length and Height
The next things you will need to consider are the length and height of the swine panels. Length should be related to layout; it should be appropriate to suit the way that you plan to lay out the swine panels to create confinement pens. Swine panel lengths can generally be up to 16’, but they can be made to specification to fit your needs and design.

You will also need to consider height. Again, pigs are smart animals, so if there is one glitch in the system, they may just find their way out. In order to make sure that your swine are safely confined, the height of the panels should be tall enough to ensure that pigs cannot easily reach the top of them. Heights can range between 30” and 52”.

Purpose and Usage
Swine panels
can be bought for either portable or stationary usage. Which type you need depends on what your intended purpose is for them (private use or pig show use). Swine panels can be bought in modular configurations, meaning that they are easily set up and taken down for portability and reconfiguration of the pen. Others are made for stationary use and do not offer the luxuries of being able to change the design of the pen so easily. To make sure that you are purchasing what you need, always think ahead about what you plan to use the swine panels for.