Advantages of Stalling Your Horse

by horselover2


There are several advantages to stalling your horse. Depending on where you live, it might be safer to keep your horse inside at night and turned out on pasture during the day.  

Always make sure there’s another horse in the barn to keep a horse company if other horses are turned out.

Convenience – Stalling allows you to spend more individual, one-on-one time with your horse. This is also helpful because when stalled, horses are more easily accessible. When training, it’s easy to find a halter and get your horse in a stall, rather than trying to catch it in the pasture.

Cleanliness and Safety – Stalling allows you to keep your horse cleaner with daily grooming and easily check for injuries and bites. In addition, horses that are stall kept usually have much nicer coats and manes because they aren’t affected or harmed by outdoor weather.

Stall Rest – If your horse is lame or injured, usually being in a stall is the only way he will heal.  Healing  from the injury can take weeks or months.

Feeding Control – Stalling your horse allows you to be accurate about exactly how much feed your horse is getting and how much he is eating, so you can ensure he is getting the proper nutrients to stay healthy. This is also helpful because you don’t have to worry about dominant horses stealing feed from a less dominant horse.

 Show horse – May need to be stalled more than other horses. Some horses actually prefer to be in their stall during the day and get overly anxious if turned out too long.

Injury Prevention – Horses that are stalled will avoid many common injuries that can be caused in the pasture or from interacting with other horses.