Tack Room Essentials

by horselover2

Whether you are just in the beginning construction stages of your horse barn or have a veteran barn that just needs some remodeling, there are several items that you should always have on hand in your tack room. Some things that you keep in your tack room might be health-related items, equipment for riding, and others might be just for fun. Still, the bottom line here is that there are certain essentials that no tack room, or horse barn, should be without.

Saddles and Saddle Racks
Where would the great human-horse bonding relationship be if we couldn’t ride our horses? Undoubtedly, we love their passive nature and their beautiful free-flowing manes, but, in all honesty, we keep horses because we love the peace and tranquility that comes from riding them, which is why we are willing to invest hundreds of dollars in a good riding saddle.

Saddles can cost anywhere from $200 to several thousands of dollars. With an investment such as that, it is imperative that they be kept in a tack room, out of the elements, and protected from destruction. So, it goes without saying that every tack room should have saddle racks.

Saddle racks can be made of metal or made of wood, and you can mount them on the wall and save a great deal of space. The choice is truly yours, but you should always have enough saddle racks to support the number of saddles that you have.

Gauze, Tape, and Iodine
If you have ever had an injured horse in the pasture or one of your horses has been bitten by another horse, then you understand the need for first-aid in the barn. While there are some things that basic gauze and iodine cannot cure, they can sometimes suffice enough to get your horse to the veterinarian or until the veterinarian arrives.

Iodine is a natural antibacterial agent, meaning that it can help keep the possibility of infection down and can kill off the germs in an open wound. It is not uncommon for horses to nip at each other, especially during play, or go at each other full-force during feeding time. For this reason, you should always have some iodine on hand to make sure that wounds are kept clean and healthy.

If you have a serious injury, such as a deep cut with profuse bleeding, you will need to have lots of gauze and tape available to you. Again, this may not cure the problem, but especially in cases where there is a lot of bleeding, you need to be able to stop the blood flow by applying constant pressure and wrapping it with gauze.

Bridle Hangers and Tack Hooks
Just because the barn houses horses does not mean it has to look that way, which is why you should do whatever you can to keep it neat and orderly. For the most part, most horsing equipment is expensive. While you can pick up a halter for about $20, your investment can quickly turn into a few hundred dollars when you have several of them. Bridle hangers and tack hooks should always be the place that you should use to store your bridles, halters, and bits. Not only do these hooks make it so that you can find something when you need it, but they also protect your investment by keeping them clean and undamaged.