Product Spotlight: Triton Arena Grader and Groomer

by horselover2

Triton Arena Graders and Groomers are a great solution for keeping riding surfaces in top condition. They can be easily pulled behind your lawn and garden tractor, ATV, utility vehicle, and more. Triton’s line of grooming equipment can keep your riding area smooth and level, whether you’re maintaing something as large as a show ring or as small as a home exercise area.

The most important operations in preparing an arena include breaking up compacted dirt, moving direct from where it’s been thrown, and conditioning the surface when you’re finished. The Triton Arena Grader and Groomer can do all of these. Best of all, it’s easy for you to use.

With a Triton grader or arena groomer, you can:

  • Move material, level the riding surface, or smooth out lumps without any special operator skills.
  • Reach into tight spaces like sharp corners or underneath a show jump without getting off your tractor.
  • Retrieve surface material from under rails and the corners of the arena

Triton’s selection of arena graders and groomers are suitable for all surface types including crushed rock, sand, concrete, and clay. It also works on synthetic materials like mulch and peat.

Learn more information about Triton’s selection of arena graders and arena groomers.