Choosing The Right Riding Equipment

by horselover2

If you’re a new horse owner, you’ll find endless choices in everything from riding attire to grooming supplies. The wide array of options can make shopping for equipment confusing and time consuming. When it comes to riding attire and grooming supplies, there is usually little variation in quality.  However, tack can have extremely high differences in quality and it’s important to understand how to choose the right equipment.

Leather Is Better
When shopping for a saddle or bridle, try to stick with leather products. When properly taken care of, leather is more durable, safe and long lasting than other choices.  If you find yourself tempted to buy nylon bridle because it’s available in a wide range of colors, keep in mind that this material is not as durable or safe as leather and is often a challenge to keep clean.

Choosing a Saddle
Your saddle is one of your most important pieces of riding equipment and should be comfortable for both you and your horse. There are many saddles on the market today. Sadly, many of these can be poor quality, so it’s important you know what to look for when purchasing a saddle.

One indication of quality is the weight of the saddle. High quality saddles are made with quality leather and other materials, so they will normally have a little bit of weight to them. Many poor quality saddles may look nice to the inexperienced eye, but feel light as a feather when you pick them up.

Ideally, you should look for a saddle that is made by a well-known reputable company. If you can’t afford a new name brand saddle, there are several websites that can be used to purchase a used quality saddles. Often, you will find a used saddle will cost the same as a new poor quality saddle, but will last years longer and offer far more comfort for you and your horse.

When shopping for equipment, quality should be your number one priority over appearance. Good products are usually safer and less likely to break because they’re made out of higher quality materials. The bottom line: Select your equipment with care. A good quality set of tack will last years and be very comfortable for both you and your horse.