Easy ways to prevent common barn accidents

by horselover2

horse barn

There are several common causes of accidents in a horse barn, and they’re just that – accidents. Luckily, there are several preventive measures you can take as an owner to ensure your barn is safe for both you and your horses. The truth is, many of these can be avoided with a quick walk-through of your barn.

First, be sure to keep your aisles clear. Horses are large animals which means they need plenty of room to walk around. So, even if the aisles are clear enough for you, there may be areas where your horse could get hurt. If there is equipment in the aisles or walkways, remove it. These areas should be completely clear and reserved for the horse to walk comfortably through it.

Secondly, ensure the entrance to your barn isn’t blocked. A recommended doorway size is 4 feet wide and 8 feet high. If something is blocking your barn door, horses won’t as much room to maneuver. This could cause a simple scratch or even worse, your horse could catch their hip and cause a fracture or dislocation. Also make sure your barn door is free of sharp edges.

Lastly, check around your horse barn for sharp objects, loose latches, and more. It’s easy for your horse to get scratched or cut while walking past these. You should also keep in mind that a horse’s head naturally rests much higher than a human’s, so you should check for things at the horse’s eye-level, not just your own. Always remove sharp pieces of wood or protruding nails that could harm your horse.

Simply practicing these easy steps in your horse barn on a regular basis can help ensure the safety of your horse, and will go a long way in keeping your barn accident-free.