Proper care for your stall mats

by horselover2

horse stall flooringHow often should you replace your stall mats? The good news is, when you purchase high-quality stall mats, they’ll last for years – many come with warranties up to 12 years. Quality flooring is made from very durable materials and when properly cared for, should last a long time. If you find your stall mats need replaced often, you are likely using a poor quality mat or not caring for your mat properly.

Stall mats are made to withstand extreme wear and tear – if you’re using quality mats, it’s actually quite hard to destroy them.  And, proper care can extend their life even further.

What constitutes proper care? It is recommended that you clean your stall mats on a regular basis. To do this, remove the mats from your stall and pull them outside. Use a quality cleaner and scrub your mats down with a bristled brush, then rinse thoroughly. After rinsing, allow your mats to dry in the sun before putting them back in your horse’s stall.

Proper care of your stall mats will extend the life of your mat and help ensure your horse’s health. If you plan on using stall mats in your horses stall, set aside time to clean them minimally twice a year. This will keep your horses living conditions as clean and possible and save you money on both replacement mats and vet bills.

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