Building a safe round pen

by horselover2

best round pen

Round pens have becoming increasingly popular over the last years. It’s a great place to train your horses, or just give them a place to roam. It also helps keep them safe – there’s no place for a horse in injure it’s leg, and the walls are high enough to eliminate the chance of a horse jumping out.

When building your round pen, there are a few extra things you can do to ensure it’s safe for your horses.

Posts and railings – Your posts and railings should be level the whole way around the pen. Double check to make sure there are no protruding posts that your horse could get caught on when roaming. The safest option is putting your railing on the inside of the posts for an uninterrupted circle. Although it won’t look as nice from the outside, your horse will have a safe environment where they can roam without getting injured.

Hardware – Make sure to place all hardware on the outside of the fence so your horse won’t get caught on it. If you use wood, make sure all nails and screws are secured in as far as they’ll go so they’re not protruding.

Round pen footing – The type of base and footing you use in your round pen should be determined partially on the climate you live in. Do you get a lot of rain during the year? If so, your round pen base should be made from a material that drains well and absorbs water, instead of creating puddles. You should also make sure the base is sloped and footing is layered to allow for proper draining.

Staining your round pen – Before staining or painting your railing, be sure to read the contents to avoid harmful chemicals and toxins. Your local hardware store or farm supply store can recommend a safe stain.

The best round pen is extremely safe and useful for your horse. Consider the above tips when building and the result will be a quality round pen that lasts for years to come.