The advantages of using a horse exerciser

by horselover2

horse exerciser

A relatively new approach in training racehorses, a horse exerciser has many advantages over the usual treadmills and horse walkers. But, aside from just training, it can also be used to give your horse regular aerobic exercise.

This essential piece of equipment helps save time when exercising horses, and also provides a great way to cool down your horse after a ride.

When a horse uses the exerciser on a daily basis, they’ll become stronger and fitter through time. It’s also a great tool to prevent joint and tendon deterioration in the horse’s joints.

Other benefits include:

  • Horses deal more naturally with gates and turns during racing
  • You can train more than one horse at a time, while treadmills and horse walkers only have room for one.
  • Horse exercisers are safe for horses of all ages
  • It’s ideal for sport conditioning because it has at least four speeds – horse walkers have only one.

For more information on how this equipment can help improve the well-being and fitness level of your horse, learn more about Triton Barn’s selection of horse exercisers.