Choosing the right stall mat for your horse barn

by horselover2

Rubber PaversA horse stall mat is a device designed to keep your horse comfortable when stalled for extended periods of time. The upfront cost and many varieties can cause people to either question their necessity or become confused about the types and choices.  If you have a barn however, where horses are stalled consistently, stall mats are something you should definitely consider.

Horse stall mats can have enormous benefits not only for your horse, but for your pocket book as well. One of the biggest benefits is increased cushion to the horse’s limbs. Stall mats provide joint pressure relief, which reduce stiffness, and are considered far superior to hard surfaces with only bedding as a cushion.

Additionally, stall mats can reduce spending on bedding in the long run. If you’ve used bedding in the past, you know that high amounts are needed to keep a horse comfortable in a stall. With a stall mat, the cushion is already provided, therefore only minimal bedding is added for comfort and urine absorption.

Horse Stall MatTriton Barns offers interlocking stall mats that fit together like puzzle pieces. The locking feature fits each piece together tightly, minimizing the amount of urine leaking through to the floor. Additionally, interlocking mats are easier to move around for deep cleaning.  Each mat piece can be broken apart and put back together fairly simply for greater efficiency in cleaning.

For more details, check out Triton Barn’s selection of horse stall flooring.