Why Hot Dip Galvanize?

by horselover2

Triton Barns stands out among its competitors because of our unique manufacturing process. All Triton Barn products are Hot Dip Galvanized after fabrication.

What’s this mean for you? A virtually rust-free horse stall. Each part of the stall has a 98% zinc coating that protects it from corrosion – on the inside where the rusting process starts, as well as the outside where you’d first notice it.

In today’s economy, people are looking for an inexpensive solution. Unfortunately, this could end up costing a lot more in the long run.

With a Triton Barn product, you’ll get a 25-year Non-Deteriorating surface warranty and a stall that’s resistant to moisture, extreme temperature, and normal wear and tear. It provides a higher return on investment and a great appearance for years to come.