Horse stall kits: a cost-effective solution

by horselover2

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for a cost-effective, yet high-quality product for their horse stall needs.  Triton Barns has the answer – we offer horse stall kits that work well for both quick, temporary housing as well as a well-designed, long-term home for your horses.

Every stall kit is Hot Dip Galvanized after fabrication, which means it prevents rusting on all parts of the stall – the outside where you can see it, and the inside where the rusting process starts.

The horse stall kit’s parts are easy to put together, which eliminates much of the carpentry work that is usually needed to build a great stall. To finish it off, Triton also offers high-quality horse stall mats that can provide the perfect finish to your horse stall.

Here are a few photos of our customer’s finished stalls:

Face-mounted kit stall

Flush-mounted kit stall